Venue Rack: Programme Skate & Sound, Fullerton, CA

Venue Rack Graphic

Very happy to announce our newest retail partner and Venue Rack participant, Programme Skate & Sound, based out of Fullerton California. The shop has been around for about 3 years now and has been an integral piece to the constantly developing area. Located right around the corner from Cal State Fullerton, the shop sees a very wide range of clientele. It serves many purposes depending on the type of person you are. It is your go to shop for finding the right fit for the night…Programme is the local skate shop where you purchase your first complete set and learn how to use an Allen wrench for the first time…its the destination for the nostalgic music lover, with its own curated selection of Vinyl Records and CD’s.


Chris ShotThis is a shot of Chris, one of the owners of the shop. Part of what gives the store so much character, and opens the door to such a wide range of customers are Chris’s partners. Pro Skater Fabrizio Santos, and lead singer of the punk band Death by Stereo, Efrem Schulz. Its a great place to shop, discover new brands, hang out and talk music, like we were able to do last week.

Store Shot 2 I was very excited to have them out to the show this past January, and was even more excited when they picked up a couple of our exhibitors, and expressed interest in working with us further. If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the Versalution set up right next to that awesome half pipe display. And that is just what you get as a retailer coming into our show. A new marketplace, filled with exciting, talented new brands. We may not be a show for everybody, but we are THE show for those who want to take advantage of what we have to offer. So thank you again Chris for having us, can’t wait to have you back in July. Really looking forward to having a Venue Rack here.


Store Shot“Programme is a skate and music shop open in the city of Fullerton. Started by pro skater Fabrizio Santos, Efrem Schulz of the bands Death by Stereo and Manic Hispanic, Chris Gronowski and Kevin Fewell in early 2011, PROGRAMME SKATE & SOUND is combining all things skate with the world of vinyl records and CDs.”

Located at: 2495 E. Chapman Fullerton, CA 92831

Outside Shot


Anonymous Creation at Venue


We would like to welcome Anonymous Creations from Denver, Colorado who will be exhibiting with us this July. Their attention to detail is upheld by a high quality standard. Come check them out in person at Venue July 8 & 9.




Anonymous Creations is a Denver based lifestyle apparel line aiming to visually connect fashion, art, skateboarding, and music. Our products are carefully thought out and researched to provide unique, long lasting, and durable merchandise. We oversee production on all products to ensure quality.

We create unique and conceptual products that connect our audience. This is not just a hobby, it is a way of life.



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Venue Rack: Rooted Shop, Artesia CA

Venue Rack - Rooted

For our second show this past January, we introduced the VENUE RACK. It is an innovative and collaborative project between our trade show and a selected retail store. Its an idea that has never been done before, to our knowledge, and we are very proud of it. We came up with the idea by really boiling down what our show needs to keep our brands and retailers happy and coming back. What does an emerging brand want out of investing money and taking the time to join a trade show? They want to network, gain exposure, but most of all they want to get into stores and create new accounts. The VENUE RACK is a way to assure that that happens, by working directly with our retailers. The VENUE RACK is a strategic partnership between Venue and a selected store/boutique. Essentially, we sponsor a section of the selected store – a few racks, some key wall space, etc… This spot is then reserved for one of our exhibiting brands that the stores buyers select form walking our show. Terms are discussed between brand and shop.

Rooted store 1

Rooted is a great core shop based out of Artesia, and I’m glad to have created such a great relationship with them since our show has started. They have a great shop space, and share locations with sneaker boutique, Footage. They are the latest shop that we were lucky enough to partner with. The previous stores that we worked with on our VENUE RACK all just recently got their shipments in and from what I’m hearing our brands are doing very well. You can go visit Crow Roots in Pasadena, and see Versalution with a great Window Display, or swing by Identity Boardshop and see CBNC, Wolf and Man, Halloway, and Wasted Royalty sitting pretty among heavy weights like Obey, The Hundreds, and Diamond. Its a great thing for us to see, but most of all adds value to a show like ours. It levels the playing field, and introduces new options to consumers.

Rooted store 2

For retail stores that partner with us for the VENUE RACK, the benefits are just as obvious as they are for our brands. We act as a great marketing platform to directly promote your shop to your demographic of customers. But by adding these new options to your store, and introducing something new to your customers, it keeps you ahead of the curve, as well as introducing your store to a new set of customers. Our brands have a set customer base of their own, that will now also be doing their shopping in your store since their favorite brand is now in there. That is what we are all about at Venue, we all need to work together to create something substantial, its a collective effort between show, brand, and retailer, and we’re happy to introduce this again, with more stores, and give more opportunity and options for our brands. Thank you Rooted for joining us, we also have more projects in the works with the guys from Rooted, including debuting their new sales agency, but I’ll save that for another post. Really looking forward to who you guys pick for the shop, see you all in July!